Glitter Balls (DOZ)

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Command attention on the field with the Field Hockey Glitter Ball, a sparkling innovation designed for outdoor field hockey. Combining high performance with a unique aesthetic, this ball is perfect for players and teams looking to add some shine to their game.

Designed for Outdoor Brilliance

Dazzling Appearance:

With its eye-catching glitter finish, the Glitter Ball is not just about functionality—it's a statement piece. The sparkling design captures and reflects light, ensuring it stands out on any outdoor field.

High-Quality Surface:

Crafted for play on grass and turf, the Glitter Ball's surface material is optimized for outdoor conditions, offering excellent traction and control. Its consistent performance in various weather conditions makes it a reliable choice for practice and games.

Premium Performance and Durability

Tough Construction:

The Glitter Ball is built to endure the rigors of outdoor play. Its robust construction ensures that it can withstand repeated hits and rolls across the field, maintaining its integrity and shape over time.

Standard Weight for Realistic Play:

This ball meets official field hockey standards in weight and size, providing a true game-play experience. The familiar weight supports proper technique development and prepares players for competitive matches.

These balls are sold in mixed colours with 12 in a box. Colours include pink, orange, blue, silver, gold and black.

Glitter Balls (DOZ)