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    Do you want to be a part of team Aratac?

    Team Aratac is growing each year with more players making the move towards better knowledge, better materials and better sticks.

    Aratac are proud to say that we sponsor a huge number of experienced players and coaches in over 20 different countries, and even more proud to say that our players love our products.
    "I have been using the Aratac sticks for the last two years. Before using the Aratac 550, I had used a number of different big brand names, but none of them compared to the Aratac. The sticks have great balance feel and power which has helped me improve my game. I have also found the innovation and development that Aratac put into their sticks is better than anyone else, that they understand the modern game and their products never fail to deliver. I have recently started to use the new NRT 3D stick and not only does it look great but the quality of the stick is beyond any expectation I had of a new stick that has been developed taking feedback from players." Karan Sofat, England U18

    We at Aratac try to talk to as many players as possible to make sure we supply the right stick to the appropriate player. It's key especially in younger players to make sure they get the correct stick to further their game and with our extensive experience in the hockey trade we are confident we can provide tailored advice to any player or coach that we speak to.

    Find out if you are eligible for sponsorship and send your hockey CV sponsorship@aratac.com. We look forward to welcoming you onto the team.