Nano Pro - 3 (21/22)

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The Nano Pro3 is constructed with a triple weave of 3K carbon, aramid, and glassfibre, then bound together by our nano resin. It's designed with a low bow which helps to increase your aerial passing and drag-flicking speed. This stick is the perfect blend to allow players to develop their aerial skills and dragflicking alongside great feel and control, it is a perfect stick for players who like to utilise aerial passing in their game bow is in a perfect position for these skills without compromising basics like slapping and hitting! 


| Bow 24.75mm | Bow Position 220mm | Balance Point 37.5 - 39.5cm |

    | 36.5" 520 - 525g | 37.5" 525 - 530g | 38.5" 530 - 535g

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